7 common mistakes when buying a used car

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Buying a second-hand car can be as exciting as buying a new one, but it requires the buyer to do his or her job of careful research and inspection to make sure the investment is worth the hard earned money. In this article, we provide 7 common mistakes that buyers make that can ruin the experience of buying and owning a car. We also provide some practical guidelines on how to avoid them.

1. Buy a used car based on your particular model and make

It is very easy to fall in love with a particular brand and model, especially when you have always wanted, for example, a fast and elegant 2-door sports car and now it is within your reach. However, buying a car based on your make and model can blind you to other vehicles that might be more suitable for you. Examine your needs first before deciding which model and what to buy. He has children? So, an SUV could be a better option for you than a small two-door car. Compare different models and evaluate your needs before making a decision.

2. Jumping in the investigation.

Research is very important, especially when you are buying a used car. Not only do you have to investigate the qualifications, reviews and reliability of the vehicle, but also investigate the history of the car to find out if it has been involved in a collision, a crime or if it has been previously flooded. If research is needed when buying a new car, then it is doubly important when buying a used car.

3. Buy a used car over your budget

A good investigation will be worth it when you look at the price of a used car. Often, different brands and models will have different resale values, so if you know the resale value of the particular car you’re looking at, you can avoid splurging on an overpriced second-hand car.

Before going to your dealership, make sure you have your financing in place. This is to ensure that you can arrange the best financing terms and avoid impulse purchases that can lead you to accept terms with high interest rates and stricter payment terms.

4. Not having an independent mechanic inspect the car.

Never buy a used car just for its face value. It’s easy for outsiders to hide damage that will cost you expensive repairs and maintenance later. It is best to have a trusted external mechanic to thoroughly inspect the vehicle to see if the used car is still in excellent condition. A mechanic can also detect damage to the interior, engine and suspension that could have been overlooked.

5. Do not take the used car for a test drive.

It is imperative that you take any used car you are considering for a long driving test. This is the only way you can measure performance on different roads and conditions. The exterior of the vehicle may look good, but it may not work smoothly on bumpy roads or uphill climbs. Take the time to test the car to determine if it is right for you and your family.

6. Do not inspect the car to the smallest detail.

He has asked a mechanic to inspect the used car and he has also done it for a test drive and finds that it works very well. You made the decision to buy it. A few days after buying the car, the air conditioner suddenly fails. Take it to an A / C mechanic and discover that the capacitor needs to be replaced, which is not cheap. After a few days, your headlights go out. Take the car to an electric mechanic and discover that the car’s electrical relay is not configured properly. After a few days you have already spent a significant amount on repairs when you just bought the car! Being very careful will save you the hassle and costs of repairing the car after a short period of use.

7. Ignore security features.

Check the safety features of the car you are considering. Some of the most basic and effective measures to reduce deaths and injuries are anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC) and side airbags that protect the head. If the used car does not have these safety features, ask the dealer if they can be installed. These security features are well worth it, as they could save your life someday.

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