How to keep your car safe

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Anyone who has owned a car will recognize the feeling of ownership we have when we see our new acquisition. Whether it’s an old and reliable or the latest high-end lotus with all the accessories, we see our cars as extensions of ourselves. Our relationship with our chosen mode of transport is very personal: it is a reflection of our character. So how can we make sure that our new (or almost new) car is safe? Having your car broken or stolen can be an extremely traumatic experience, so those of you who want to protect your tires against theft, keep reading.

A common mistake is that thieves will not attack an old and battered car, as they will see it and recognize that its resale value is not worth their time and effort. However, statistics show that older cars are attacked more frequently, either by theft of goods inside the car or by the car itself, because their security systems are miles away from those installed in modern cars. Modern automobiles, those that were manufactured in the last ten years or more, come with a variety of safety devices as standard, and for this reason they are harder to break than previous models. Modern vehicles are designed with features such as alarms, electronic engine immobilizers, central and automatic locking, double locking doors, steering wheel locks and tracking devices as standard, and these are just the tip of the iceberg, which is now considered standard in cars. Manufacturers In the race for the sale of automobiles, manufacturers have realized the idea that protection and safety will sell cars, and are pressing more and more resources so that their models have the best possible protection.

When it comes to car safety, insurance is the other half of the equation. Many insurance companies will offer discounts on safety products they have approved, which can provide you with the extra layer of protection you want for your pride and joy. It is always worth talking to your insurance company when you buy your car, to see what measures they recommend. In addition, most garages, for a small fee, will record your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the glass surfaces of your car, including windows, side mirrors and headlights. This unique seventeen-digit number allows your car to be separated from all other cars on the road, and seeing these marks can deter a car thief.

Finally, respect some sensible rules that will protect both your car and you as your owner. Always make sure that personal items, especially high-value personal items such as handbags, satellites, expensive cell phones, laptops or tablet devices, are safely hidden, preferably in your boot. Never leave your car keys in the pocket of your coat hanging in a locker room: locker rooms are the main sites for opportunistic thieves, who will relieve you of your car keys and then your car. And, of course, always think carefully about where your car parks. Do not park your car on poorly lit side streets or in any parking lot where you feel uncomfortable on a personal level. And, of course, do not leave your car keys in the ignition; the windows of the car well open, or leave your car unlocked. This may seem obvious, but it happens, and this type of approach will exponentially increase the risk of theft.

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